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Species Detail

Specimen Name Paphiopedilum spicerianum (Rchb.f. ex Masters and T. Moore) Pfitzer
Category Name Orchids
Local Name NA
Flowering Period October-February
Habit Terrestrial/Lithophyte
Locality On cliffs of reserve forest, ca 10 km from Damparengpui to Dampa Tiger Reserve
Altitude 500-900m
Distribution Manipur, Sikkim and Mizoram
Distribution in Mizoram Dampa Tiger Reserve and Phuldungsei
Ecological Status On rocky cliffs with mosses and litters, warm to cool temperature
Taxonomic Status Rare
IUCN Endangered
Socio Economic Uses NA
Specimen INDIA, Mizoram: Dampa Tiger Reserve, S. Zote & H.Lalramnghinglova 22346 (MZU)