Biodiversity Research Centre

Mizoram University (Tanhril) Aizawl, P.O Box No. 190

List of Species in the Category - All

Specimen Name Local Name IUCN Habit Ecological Status Action
Acampe ochracea (Lindl.) NA NA Epiphyte Shady humid forest
Acampe praemorsa (Roxb.) Blatt. & McCann NA NA Epiphyte Shady humid forest and warm temperature
Acampe rigida (Buchanan-Hamilton ex J.E. Smith) P.F. Hunt Buangban par-eng NA Epiphyte / Lithophyte On tree trunk of hot tropical forest in full sunlight and humid temperature
Acanthephippium striatum Lindl. NA NA Terrestrial Partially shaded moist forest
Acanthephippium sylhetense Lindl. NA NA Terrestrial Under moist shaded, forest floor with litters, hot to cool temperature
Aerides multiflora Roxb. NA NA Epiphyte In exposure to bright sunlight, warm temperature
Aerides odorata Lour. Ngurtinchhing NA Epiphyte Open exposure to sunlight, warm temperature
Aerides rosea Lodd.. ex Paxt NA NA Epiphyte NA
Agrostophyllum brevipes King & Pantling NA NA Epiphyte Under warm humid condition
Agrostophyllum callosum Reichb.f. NA NA Epiphyte Under partial shade and cool temperature
Agrostophyllum planicaule (Wall, ex Lindl.) Rchb.f. NA NA Epiphyte In hot tropical forest, partial shady forest
Anoectochilus brevilabris Lindl. NA NA Terrestrial Under shaded condition,cool temperature
Anoectochilus setaceus Blume NA NA Terrestrial Under shaded, damp fertile forest soil with fallen leaves
Anthogonium gracile Lindl. NA NA Terrestrial/Lithophyte On exposed hills between rocky edges and cliffs
Arachnis labrosa (Lindl. ex Paxt.) Reichb.f. NA NA Epiphyte In open, full exposure to light on tree trunks
Arundina graminifolia (D.Don) Lelen NA Terrestrial/Lithophyte On roadside, hill sides, in tall grass, scrub jungle on sandy soil. Found growing on rocks
Ascocentrum ampullaceum (Roxb.) Schltr. Senhri par-te NA Epiphyte Open forest in sunlight and warm condition
Brachycorythis galeandra (Rchb.f.) Summerh Chhungrem NA Terrestrial/Lithophyte Under partial shade in warm temperature
Brachycorythis helferi (Rchb.f.) Summerh Chhungrem chi khat NA Terrestrial/Lithophyte Under partial shade cool temperature
Bulbophyllum affine Lindl. Hnahmal NA Epiphyte Under partial shade, on a tree trunk
Bulbophyllum andersonii (Hook, f.) Smith NA NA Epiphyte Under partial shade in moist-warm situation
Bulbophyllum careyanum (Hook.) NA NA Epiphyte / Lithophyte Dry and hot to cool forest under partial shade
Bulbophyllum crassipes Hook.f. NA NA Epiphyte NA
Bulbophyllum cylindraceum Wall. ex Lindl. NA NA Epiphyte Under shaded cool temperature
Bulbophyllum elatum (Hook, f.) J. J. Smith NA NA Epiphyte Under fully shaded undisturbed closed forest