Biodiversity Research Centre

Mizoram University (Tanhril) Aizawl, P.O Box No. 190

Online Plant Biodiversity Database of Mizoram

The online plant biodiversity database of Mizoram is an initiative of The Biodiversity Research Centre (BRC) of Mizoram University, Aizawl attached with the Department of Environmental Science in collaboration with Department of Forestry, Mizoram University. The Centre caters to R&D activities linked with ecology, evolution, and conservation of biological diversity at all levels from gene to ecosystem through interactions with human society. It envisages the creation of a hub for collection, collation, management, analysis and dissemination of data on biological diversity.

The state of Mizoram is one of the eight sister states of northeast India, land locked by the state of Manipur, Assam, Tripura and neighboring countries Myanmar and Bangladesh. Physiographically, the state is comprised of rugged, steep hill ranges and interspersed valleys with altitudes between 40 and 2157m. The climate is moist tropical to moist sub-tropical where the annual rainfall ranges between 2,100 mm to 3,500 mm and the annual temperature during winter, 11°C to 24°C and in summer between 18°C to 29°C. The forests in Mizoram belong to four Type Groups, which are further divided into six Forest Types. The state is part of Indo-Mynmar biodiversity hotspot harbouring rich flora diversity and high species endemism. A total of 2,358 species of plants have been recorded from Mizoram. Out of the total species 2,141 belong to Angiosperms distributed over 176 families and 905 genera. There are only six gymnosperm species belonging to 6 genera and 4 families, while the number of pteridophytes is quite high i.e. 211 species distributed over 35 fami¬lies and 66 genera.

The online database contains comprehensive information about each plant species listed under a respective category: its vernacular name, taxonomic description, habitat, geographic distribution, flowering time, conservation status and more. This information is freely accessible by the general public to showcase the floral richness of Mizoram, foster research on plant diversity for sustainable livelihoods and promote conservation through wider coverage using electronic media.